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Monday, May 28, 2007

Marriage is Just Like Playing Basketball

For me,
Marriage is like playing Basketball
You got mate to pass
And some other time will be Her turn
You will play in various positions
As a Guard to play the ball
as a Power Forward to give protection
Or Centre to get closer to the key hole

Play the tempo as you have to speed up and RUN !
Do nice
fake steps to break some ankles
Cut over then pick and roll
Go go ! for both defence and offence
Hustle till the game finished only by a whistle
Um um ! sorry but no sub for this time
It is two on two game play anyway
Only you and your mate, the two of you !

Your order is just play, then play and still play (did i just say PLAY yet ?)
Always give your best shot and your hardest block ever
As a team, with your mate fight to win the game
Then the question is not what is my score ?
what is her score ? do i make triple play ?
do i looked godamn good tonight ?
Nope ! It is all about what is our score

Marriage is just like playing Basketball
It could be fun, boring
or even worst your nightmare alive
It is up to you
Cuz from the first quarter already : You are the Captain !

(lambemu dep dep, over ngowoh, kakean ngayal, kakean iyik, rep rabi ro wedhus po saiki ?!)

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Blogger ~dhia~ said...

wah.. tumben postingannya berbau2 pernikahan.. hayoo.. ada apa ini ada apa ini??? :)

2:50 AM  
Blogger the i.d.E.p said...

Indak kooo, alun lai, alun taragak kok, iyo bana !

*panik ketauan*

4:51 AM  

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